Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Hypocracy

I am tired of hearing about Roe Versus Wade. I don't care why it was originally put into law. I don't care that young women were self aborting and killing themselves. I think that women should quit having premarital or extramarital sex and if they aren't capable of keeping their legs closed, even if they get raped, it isn't our problem. We should be glad women like that self abort and kill themselves. After all, who cares about their lives? We should only care about fetuses. Isn't that right???
Does that sound stupid to you? Then tell me what the alternative is and what the right to life people mean when they say the fetus is that important. Did you know that most "right to life" experts are crazy enough to kill an abortion doctor? What about his life? Do you realize that most of them eat eggs? Why would someone who cares so much about life allow themselve to eat any living being. They picket against egg selection and retrieval in order to use excuses like human cloning to be an argument and don't want stem cell research that was going to come from discarded human eggs, then go to the local diner to eat a big meal of beef steak and chicken eggs. How can someone so worried about killing any living thing do that?
The fetus gets a vote in this, according to these people. They use every excuse they can to honor it's rights more than the living breathing human host that the parasite is in. Yeah, to hell with that woman, she has no rights, she should be given no choice in the matter of her own body since some guy can find a passage in scripture that can be misconstrued to say that any life is precious. The book was written by men. These same men have had thousands of wars to say that book is right and for what? To try to prove to themselves that they aren't stupid and that their belief in a system that has been bleeding people dry and being a parasite on mankind for centuries. Religion is designed to help people who don't want to work make a living by telling you you are right in your convictions, whatever they may be. When the church finds that something they told you was a sin yesterday is practiced by the public regularly then, after a couple decades the church apologises and concedes defeit. Then it is no longer a sin and is an approved practice by the church.
There are a few things that is wrong with the opponents of Roe Versus Wade. They seem to think that someone was just one day in a strange mood and wrote the decision on a whim. They try to ignore the millions of women who died because clinical abortions weren't available to the public. There were "butchers" that women went to, back room apartments or motel rooms where some "doctor" cut or poked in to the fetal area and let it drain. Most women who came to those places didn't have time to recover, even for a few minutes. They were rushed away so the next victim could be impaled. We can return to that way of life for young women, if the country so desires. I don't think any woman in their right mind would wish that for themselves. To anyone who thinks they know the whole story because some demigod told you to be angry about your own rights, then, I ask you only to think about one thing. Premarital sex is part of our society. Saying that it isn't right hasn't changed anything for the last 2000 years. When it happens and a woman accidently gets pregnant, it isn't time for speeches, it isn't time for haughty hypocritical banter about how one type of life is more important than another. Now, I want you to think about this, when your daughter comes home and is afraid that she might be pregnant and is looking for answers, do you want her only option to be sticking a clothes hanger inside her and dying to avoid the shame? Seriously think about that. You all want it to be OK for a human to live with a baby, also. They can't find enough homes for the children who are put up for adoption now and if every child was put up for adoption, we not only wouldn't find room for them, they wouldn't be able to survive and neither would we. At a time in history such as this when grown men can't find work, we have to look at the reason. We tried to live on credit in order to form a more perfect world that was supported by credit. That went away. We are now heading into the worst recession since the great depression. When people can't find food or shelter without packing all their belongings up and moving, we have a problem. We don't need one more single human being in the United States. That dream can't last forever. When the soldiers return from Iraq, there is going to be a dynamic lack of jobs. They have nothing to come back to. If we still had the draft, if we still had the limited resources we just unburried ourselves from during the Clinton administration, if we didn't have a national debt that is astronomical, we might be able to afford to support those children. But, until that happens, you are dooming a child to grow up in a time when they might not be able to eat. The last administration put us so far behind that the backlash from that will last four to five years. The approximate number of abortions performed worldwide in 2003 was 42 million, which declined from nearly 46 million in 1995. If one thinks about that increase in the population, then, they have to realise that it isn't a do-able situation. It is already too crowded, can you imagine how it would be without those abortions?